About Us

Captain Joe has been fishing the waters of coastal North Carolina his entire life, with over 30 years experience he has traveled the Eastern seaboard as a professional waterman working in commercial and recreational fishing most of his life. His knowledge for the species he pursues is never quenched. Always striving for the higher mark and increasing his skill set.

Whether it be light tackle or fly, near coastal or in the marsh, from the boat, the beach or marsh stalking he’ll put you on the fish and an experience of a lifetime. ┬áThe sizzling heat of your fly reel being peeled to the backing at lighting speeds or freight train runs of old in the Pamlico Sound on a spinning reel. Whatever your choice of quarry Capt. Joe will hook you up.

Captain Joe’s family has been in the tidewater region since the beginning of the Virginia Colony, his great Grandfather was a registered guide on the Pamlico River guiding thrill seeking anglers to their challenge of the world class Red Drum fishery in the early 1900’s . Captain Joe carries on his family heritage of vast local knowledge steeped in coastal folk lore and incorporates that into your customized fishing experience.

Putting you and your family or guests onto world class fish in raw and scenically rich areas that others simply are not willing to take you to is what we specialize in. Custom tailoring you and your parties fishing experience is what Captain Joe strives to do. With top notch tackle and and custom flies you’ll get an unforgettable experience that’ll leave you wanting more and hopefully coming back for years to come while referring your friends to share in the memories and build in the stories.