Spring Fishing

After winter begins to recede as lawns start to creep up the days are growing slightly longer. I’m starting to scout new areas and study old favorites.  It seems the slime grass will never leave and the bait just won’t show up. Realistically how much tackle for upcoming seasons do I need to prep, how clean do my reels need to be and does that reel really need new braid;  aren’t the only questions on my mind. I mean let’s face it,  do I really need two dozen of those clousers?

Well it’s just the nature of it all. That’s part of what defines an outdoorsman. It’s where we’re just at home.  That’s why I do it. From nearly as far back as I can recall I’ve always been that way. As a kid I’d start burning up the marsh and my neighborhood docks hunting that first bite since early winter. But realistically it was always around Easter when I’d get that thump on the other end.  That desired fix.  The tug!  Some years it would be a flounder,  others a drum.  Maybe a trout. More often than not all three in the first few days, if not in the same day.  What a great start to life.

This year it was just as it should be.  We’ve been spoiled the last several with warmer weather.  As we approach Easter weekend, I can say honestly….. I’m feinding for sure! Just managing to get by, some beach action on Reds but nothing in the marsh in my area. Soon , soon, soon. Well it just seems it’s all a few weeks behind.   Blah , blah, blah. Well it’s finally starting. Now I’ve heard reports and seen bait in the marsh. Found schools of false albacore and hooked up on the fly. Found packs of big Hatteras Blues and hooked up. Only thing I haven’t been in touch with are my beloved Core Banks Bulls. But I hope to find them soon.

That water though, still in the 50’s inshore ❄. Well Captain Joe, whats a fisherman to do you ask. Just hang tight, I’m a guide not a god lol! Read and study, that’s what I do. I keep on scouting.  I must admit. It’s been a tough winter. Although I’ve managed to keep my addiction quenched. I know for me , my summers are so busy next thing I know, it’s old Drum season and then it’s tailing Reds and Albacore season…… dern. It’s winter again. I suppose my point, make the best of it and enjoy the opportunity to scout and study. That way when it fires off, you cling to every little morsal of every epic bite. You cherish it and savor all that wild and alive moment has to offer , then you share it with all that will absorb it. That’s what I do, that’s the passion, the drive.

Well soon enough I hope to be writing the next blog article about the epic Cobia bite , all those chopper blues and moving forward to Summer or something like that. But for right now, let’s just try and enjoy what we have and where we are. Enjoy the clear water and less crowded favorite spots, or read that article you’ve been stashing away. Tie those flies, put new braid on that new reel. Go out and practice with that 10wt, service your sled. Or please read my blog and share with your buddies and go like my social media pages.  😉Till next time and thank you so much! See ya out there! 🎣🐟