Fall fishing is here!

It’s the time of year most of us sportsman have been awaiting all summer long. Cooler weather brings hot action!

As the air cools so does the water in the creeks and shallow marshes first, driving the bait out into deeper water and harder edges. This drives predators nuts! As individual or smaller packs of hunters get on the move, they group up. What does this mean; epic fishing! In order to capitalize on this, you need to adjust your tactics and your gear.

Your presentation needs to be more flexible, colors and weights, styles and sizes. Faster, slower ; so many considerations. Smaller leader more sensitive rod tips. Let’s not forget your gear. Layers and warmer socks, sun shirts , boots, ¬†gloves. Drink plenty of water and have that rain coat for approaching fronts. That’s right fish aren’t gonna stop feeding because you’re wet. So much to think about.

Contact us and let us show you how it’s done. We’ll put you in the fish and show you how it’s done. School you on the schools of fish ; where they are and maybe what they are thinking.


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