Just Warming up.

As the winter passes and we move forward to the Spring and Summer months, I start going through my log books And reminding myself what to prepare for moving forward. In my mind I am trying to piece together all the components. Moon cycles, tides, winds, water temperatures and what week it will fire off.

I look back in my log and start going through tackle, scouting and studying the moon cycles. I prep rods and sharpen hooks. Clean lures and begin honing my wit. Then, all that’s left is to start putting it together. There’s nothing like rolling back into a productive fishing ground and there they are. Much like you left them. More or less their life’s continue.

I wonder, how was their winter, did they loose companions, from growth or predation? Did they struggle, or thrive? Regardless I am fascinated that their cycle continues and am honored to be in their presence and if I am lucky, feel their ferocity. They honor me.

These fish travel into larger bodies of water and onto the beaches, all to return for the duration of their youth into these shallow muddy bays. I find that they prefer a particular presentation, and will harbor on certain cycles of the tide in shallow edges, and then dodge behind oyster rocks on falling tides. Some days I will see dozens where other days, only small packs.

Either sight casting or blind casting towards bottle necks and structure. On a good day early season I may hook up with one in ten. Where others I will see far more than I will get a solid thump in gratification. It is in between the slow lethargic dead sticking and the fast paced top water months. It has become one of my favorite in between seasons to pursue my passion, and if the hunt is the appeal for you….. then I say… let’s go.